frequently asked questions

  What is Vacamania?

Vacamania is an online travel platform that connects tourists with local travel agencies. It enables users to book online packages, activities,and tickets for their trips. Book your vacation has become easier with Vacamania.


  Who is behind Vacamania?

We are a group  of people who are passionate about travel business. We are aware that e-commerce has been applied in all areas but not in the vacation sector. Based on this scenario we are keen to help customers that want to travel but have a limited time in meeting the right travel agency.  Thus, we build a tool that helps customers to connect with a genuine travel agency.


  What type of package does Vacamania offer?

For now, offers packages in Malaysia (inbound), Worldwide (outbound), Home/Kampungstay, travel, insurance, activities and tickets from various travel agencies. There is more services to come soon in our website.

  How can I use Vacamania services?

Vacamania is an online platform which can be accessed on web browsers by visiting Just sign up with fill up the form or using your email or social media. Good news, we also developing a mobile apps which the apps can be download on Apps Store and Google Play soon

  Why should I book with Vacamania?

Vacamania will give you an easy way to survey, compare and book for your ideal vacation plan inside Malaysia or around the world.  We also provide a payment solution using online banking, credit card, paypal and e-wallet soon. Secured and legit is our main priority because all travel agencies that offers their packages on vacamania are all trusted and licensed.

  Can I cancel my reservation and receive a refund?

Yes you may.



22-44 days  before departure

Deposit Burn

5-21 days before departure

65% from total charge is return

8-14 days before departure

50% from total charge is return

3-7 days before departure

25% from total charge is return

2 days before departure

No Refund


Yes, if on packages and activities type. The suggestion rate is below and must deal directly with travel agency that you book from their packages. But, there is no refund on tickets types


  My credit card is not being accepted. What should I do?

We  support only VISA and MASTERCARD, you may also be able to use other payment methods such as Paypal and ToyyibPay. . If problems occur, please contact us at for help.


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