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frequently asked questions

  Why should I register my travel agency with Vacamania?

Our site attracts numerous visitors from all around the world. They will choose and compare the desirable travel package.Every travel agency has their own account to manage and you can put unlimited travel packages for free .

  What are the requirements for listing my travel package on Vacamania?

Vacamania required all travel agencies to have a MOTAC license and SSM certificate  in order to put their package in Vacamania.

  How can I be verified as a travel agency by Vacamania?

After uploading your company details, MOTAC license and SSM certificate you have to wait for 2-12 hour in order for our team to verify your information. An email will be sent to you for the verifying process.

  I cannot list my travel package, what can I do?

If you are having difficulties with listing your travel package, please  contact us for support. Our IT team is there to help you.

  How do I ask for payout from Vacamania?

Vacamania will credit the payment toyour account in 2-3 working days after the customer completes their booking.

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