Mussels Picking in Setiu Wetlands Park, Terengganu

Terengganu, Malaysia


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Have fun picking up mussels, clams and oyster at their habitat. This half day activity is suitable for everybody. Apart from it, you will also learn about the ecosystem in Setiu Wetlands Park. 

Setiu Wetlands Park is the only wetland area in Malaysia that consist of 9 different ecosystem; sea, rivers, sandy beaches, estuaries, islands, mudflats, lagoon, freshwater swamps and mangroves. Four rivers feed the wetland area namely, Setiu, Chalok, Bari and Merang.

Due to its biological diversity and to protect the natural environment, this area has been gazetted as the first State Park by the state of Terengganu. It also has the potential to be the major ecotourism product in Malaysia.

Four river feed the area namely, Setiu, Bari, Chalok, Merang which create a basin wetland complex habitat for various animals. It is the nesting ground for the Malaysia’s largest breeding population of painted terrapin, an endangered species. It is also amongst the few remaining nesting area for another endangered species, green turtle.

This Setiu Wetlands Park also provides various source of income for the nearby village settler. Surrounding villages produce local products such as budu, belacan, keropok lekor and dried anchovies. Setiu Wetlands Park is also supplies up to 60% of grouper juvenile and oyster seed.

Ecotourism activities such as nature watch can be done here. Apart from that, tourist can also experience first hand on how to catch oyster. Local handmade handcraft made by the locals is also available here. You can buy from locals or experience on how to make your own handcraft.

A boardwalk called Setiu Boardwalk has been built to make it easier for tourist to walk around the wetlands area.

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